Ritchey / Diehl Ancestry and Genealogy

THE ANCESTRY WEBSITE represents over 300 years of the Ritchey/Diehl Ancestry. This information has been researched by me and include other contributions of sources of information from various pubilcations, the internet and individuals that have contacted me with their ancestry information. This research will always be ongoing and updates will only continue to grow our family tree.

This information will help youn's in your genealogical research. With your help, we can build an ancestry site that we can be proud of. Our heritage can be researched and reviewed by all members of the family no matter where they are located.


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Currently there are almost 35,000 individuals and over 10,000 Families represented here!

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Available now is an updated CD-Rom version of the 1975 book, "Genealogy of the Descendants of Samuel Diehl and Margaretha Ritchey, his wife".

The information contained on this CD-Rom has been updated and greatly expanded to include several publications in one!

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Harvey Ritchey
Harvey S. Ritchey was the son of John Frederick Ritchey and was born in 1860 in Blue Knob, PA. He worked as a farmer and lumberman most of his life and died in 1943 in Lakemont, PA. He is buried at Mt. Hope Cemetery in Blue Knob.

Delilah Walter
Delilah, wife of Harvey Ritchey was born in 1851. Delilah was one of six children of Henry Walter and Mary Ickes and died in 1907. She is buried near her husband, Harvey.

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